Property management

The future owners who choose to invest in the complex will have the opportunity to benefit from a rental and management service for their property.


The service is targeted at owners who:

– Own multiple properties and prefer to have less commitment associated with their letting and servicing activities;

– Where the owner is abroad and has no one to entrust their property or properties too.

– Anyone who is prevented from servicing their property in one way or another.


In the case of a long period letting the cost of the service is 50% of one month’s rent in one payment.


If you would like us to also deal with keeping an eye on bills and condition, acceptance and handover of the property, the charge is 15% of the agreed rental price – monthly.


In case you decide to rent out your property on short-term rental platforms /,…/, we will take over the responsibility of accepting and handing over the property, monitoring the property’s technical condition, and covering the household bills. At the end of each month, the owner will receive their income for the period. The value of this service will be 15% of the income for the relevant period.