Expert advice: why to invest in quality housing?


Nedelina Alexieva from the Sales Department of the newest residential complex of construction and investment company Express Garantcion Ltd. Varna – Bella Vita Residence in front of media “Nova Varna”.


What are the advantages of investing in property during the COVID crisis and how to invest your savings properly.


– What is the picture of the property market in Bulgaria and in particular what are the trends on an annual basis?


“Even at the end of the year, we still feel how dynamic the market was in the past months,” said H. Alexieva/0888 39 99 55/ from the Sales Department of the newest residential complex of the construction and investment company Express Garantcion Ltd. Varna – Bella Vita Residence
The economic conditions at the moment are helping to consolidate the trend of housing becoming more and more affordable. Currently, there are several main drivers for buyers. Two of these are the rise in average private sector wages and still low mortgage interest rates. In Bulgaria, owning your own home has always been a priority over paying monthly rent. Another reason is the ongoing migration to big cities. In addition, in the last year the uncertainty and worry about the ‘devaluation’ of money – the fear of inflation, of the introduction of the euro – has begun to be felt more and more. And this is precisely the main driving motive in recent months – the idea of preserving cash.


– What exactly is it about your complex that makes it so attractive and has something that makes it different from others?

“One of the most important advantages is the security, quality and experience that Express Guarantee” shares with its clients, Ms. Alexieva pointed out and added:

Bella Vita was conceived and designed by/Arch. Stoyan Georgiev Petkov, with reg. N 05323 of CAB RK VARNA/ so as to satisfy every taste:

  • perfect location: minutes from the centre of the town. Varna, located between Vinitsa district and the beautiful resort complex “St. Sv. Constantine and Helena”.
  • an area distinguished by clean air, quiet and peaceful atmosphere and extremely quick and easy access to the city center /just 10 minutes by car /.

The apartments on the first floors will have their own courtyard, the higher floors will have a magnificent sea view and those on the top floors will enjoy the sea from their large panoramic terraces.
We have thought about the peace of mind and comfort of our current and future customers:
The complex is planned to have its own landscaped park on an area of 2400 sq.m., a supermarket, a kindergarten and a nursery, a pharmacy, a hairdresser, a multi-purpose sports field, outdoor and indoor parking spaces, permanent security and professional building management!


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– Were there any particular profile buyers of Bella Vita Residence?

Of course, we have both the regular participants in the property market – families buying their first homes, working abroad who want to invest their money in a property or clients who have already completed sales transactions. One interesting new trend we are seeing is the emergence of buyers who are under 30, and even under 25. They work in large companies and can afford the financing to get a home without having a problem getting the necessary funds. We also have young people living abroad who are looking for housing for their future return home.


– Some tips you could give to everyone who is still wondering where to invest their money:

The expected devaluation of money will motivate more people to invest in real estate to preserve their savings. I encourage you to do it too! It is also possible that many consumers are looking for options to expand their households doing double transactions – selling their homes to get bigger ones. The low mortgage rates will give these customers additional security, they will also be looking for a higher percentage of financing – around 75% – 85% of the property price, besides all this, the interest in buying three-bedroom and larger apartments will remain and increase. All these things are just predictions, but the most important thing is to be informed and know what is most beneficial for us!


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